Departments at Irwin County Hospital

Welcome to Irwin County Hospital. Thank you for choosing your local hospital for your healthcare needs. We look forward to serving you and your family. Our staff is composed of dedicated, compassionate people who are committed to our mission to be the community’s preferred choice for healthcare services. Our vision is to help the people of Irwin County and surrounding areas live healthier and happier lives.

We believe that we can fulfill this mission and vision by partnering with you in your care.


Phone:  (229) 468-3642

Charles Johnson, Department Manager

Felecia Battle, Dietary Supervisor


Phone:  (229) 468-3803

Marshall Tanner, M.D., Emergency Department Medical Director

Jeanne Blevins, Director of Nursing

Human Resources

Phone:  (229) 468-3830

Jenny Whitley, Department Manager


Phone:  (229) 468-3836

Stephen Thombley, MD, Chief of Radiology

Don Evans, Director of Imaging

Labor, Delivery & Nursery

Phone:  (229) 468-3994


Lola Swanson, Department Manager


Phone:  (229) 468-3814

Rebekah Wiggins, Director of Laboratory

Harry Latham, MD, Medical Oversight

Marketing & Public Relations

Phone:  (229) 402-1801

Liz Lott, Department Manager

Medical Records

Phone:  (229) 468-3998

Fax:  (229) 468-9680

Release of Information Authorization Form

Terri Tucker, Department Manager

Medical & Post Surgical Recovery

Phone:  (229) 468-3820


Marshall Tanner, MD, Department Manager

Medical Staff Services

Phone:  (229) 468-3859

Marshall Tanner, MD, Chief of Staff

Palemon Gaskins Nursing Home

Phone:  (229) 468-3890

Angela Leyse, Director of Nursing

Marshall Tanner, MD, Medical Supervisor

Ashfaq Sayied, MD, Provider

Howard McMahan, MD, Provider

Jessica Lyons, NP, Provider

Keri Evans, NP, Provider


Phone:  (229) 468-3831

John Jiang, Pharmacist, Department Manager

Primary & Surgical Care

Douglas-Irwin Surgical Medical Center

Phone:  (912) 384-4010

Fax:  (912) 384-4019

Marshall Tanner, MD (Internal Medicine)

Keri Evans, FNP-C

Ocilla-Irwin General Surgery

Phone:  (229) 468-0711

Fax:  (229) 468-0714

Davey Herring, MD (General Surgery)

Ocilla-Irwin Surgical Medical Clinic

Phone:  (229) 468-0636

Fax:  (229) 468-3312

Marshall Tanner, MD (Internal Medicine)

Keri Evans, FNP-C

Willacoochee Clinic

Phone:  (912) 534-5142

Fax:  (912) 534-6120

Marshall Tanner, MD (Internal Medicine)

John Rowe, PA-C (General Medicine)

Irwin Family Medicine

Phone:  (229) 468-3975

Fax:  (229) 468-0090

Dr. Howard McMahan

Jessica Lyons, FNP-C

Bridget Walters, FNP-C, CDE

Registration & Billing

Phone:  (229) 468-3224

Phone (Billing & Payments):  (229) 468-3867

Janet Roberson, Patient Access and Billing Manager

Pricing Transparency Information

Respiratory Therapy

Phone:  (229) 468-3815

Jeanne Blevins, Department Manager

Quality & Risk Management

Compiance Officer & Risk Management

Ms. Lee W. Riner

Phone:  (229) 468-3941

Quality Management

Jenny Tucker

Phone:  (229) 468-3835

Infection Control Department

Marshall Tanner, MD, Medical Director

Lynn Marsh, Infection Preventionist and Employee Health Nurse

Phone:  (229) 468-7327

Safety & Security

Phone:  (229) 468-3943

Shyea Courson, Department Manager

Social Services & Case Management

Phone:  (229) 468-3809

Shelley Hughes, Social Services


Phone:  (229) 468-3824

Lyn Smith, OR Manager

Mahendra G. Amin, MD, OB / GYN

Ana Hernandez, MD, OB / GYN

Donald Menya, DO, OB / GYN

Davey Herring, MD, General Surgery

Tobi Okafo, MD, ON / GYN